We help you ATTRACT & CONVERT customers.
We help you retain them too.

The most impactful result of the digital era changed the way we all communicate, for good. For the insurance industry, it also brought increased productivity in the form of digital automation tools.

It was 2006, and identifying an opportunity to add our marketing expertise to brokers, program administrators, wholesalers and MGA's, intouch pioneered the development of much needed digital marketing tools, resulting in the launch of the intouchagent program. Tools not to change the tide but to take advantage of its power.

Today, we use web-driven technology of all types to ensure insurance industry professionals reach out and stay continually in touch with their customers, prospects and referral sources. Our unique system features professionally designed marketing tools to help the smallest insurance agency compete equally on large company playing fields:

  • Brand Awareness - Automated digital marketing tools to stay in touch and proactively reach out when the customer is making a purchase or re-purchase decision
  • Educational Material - Hundreds of thousands of words, professionally written by us, licensed or curated  from the most respected sources
  • Conversions - Lead generation through direct calls to action and social engagement

Digital marketing communications powered by intouch Business reach millions of consumers and businesses through the websites we create for our clients and through intouch marketing programs that fuel the growth of their businesses: social and email marketing, search marketing, website design and maintenance, and much more.

intouch Business, Inc., is a leading Digital Marketing Agency. The intouchagent program packages our marketing expertise, proprietary tools and content, to deliver proven strategies and tactics that address the marketing and communication needs of insurance professionals across the United States.

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