Examples from our huge menu of email and social media options.

Collage of Signs that say Important


Be the first to get that important information out there quickly and professionally. We'll post it, we'll also disseminate it to your email lists. You won’t waste a minute...we do it for you.

Breaking News


Be the first to announce important and relevant news stories that inform and keep you top of mind. We’ll get you there quickly via social postings and email too.

OSHA with Safety Ball and Construction Hard Hat


Work Comp is important to you and your customers. You can’t go wrong having us promote workplace safety through tips or OSHA compliance reminders, via your socials and through email too.

Flooded Neighborhood


There’s a time and a place, and your customers and prospects have to be reminded when the time comes. Get us to post appropriate visuals and a reminder to get a quote. We'll send them email reminders too.

Colorful Arrows


Time to ‘round out’ your accounts by adding a missing product. To get the word out we'll email a 3-stage account rounding campaign to targeted customers. We’ll post the same info on your social accounts.

Christmas eCard with Little Girl Eating a Carrot with a Snowman


Reach out to your your customers, prospects and networking partners on every important event or holiday, by having us email and post your message using an intouch Holiday eCard.

Computer Hacker With Skull Facemask and Creepy Sunglasses


Want to promote cyber liability products this month? Keep telling your customers why adding cyber is so important by having us email and post an informative and professionally written intouchagent eNewsletter.

Man Walking on Rope Above Shark Infested Water


Protection for the most important people in the company. We’ll get the message out for you using email written by professional insurance marketers. Then we’ll share it on your social platforms as well.

Gavel on Law Book


When new legislation is announced that affects your target customer, social posting and email marketing gets your message out there quickly, to educate, inform and reinforce just how valuable you are.

Hands covering tiny House Family and Car Representing Insurance Coverage


Keep ‘rounding out’ your accounts using email and social posting to trade your present customers up and across your product lineup. You're on the way to creating 'Customers for Life!'


Renewal Reminder Stamp


Get ahead of the competition with intouch renewal reminder emails sent 120 days, 90 days, and 60 days before an X-date. Be there first by staying on top of potential opportunities.

CloseUp of Lady with Tear Running Down Cheek


The correct coverage is critical in any environment. We'll help you inform your customers and prospects using professional and informative eNewsletters plus social postings that reach all your connections.

Happy Birthday Cupcakes


Happy birthday, John, Happy birthday, Roxanne...have us send personalized Birthday greetings to each one of your customers, scheduled to arrive right on their special day.

Auto Insurance Video


Nothing beats video to reach out personally with a product story or an important announcement. We’ll post it on your video channels, social platforms and deploy it via email, too.

People Icons Representing Team Members


Celebrate members of your winning team by having us post their pic and bio on all your social accounts. Help your customers get more familiar with the members of your team. Your staff will get a kick out of it, too!

And there are many more options to choose from!

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